Understanding Dementia

Course Outline


To give a comprehensive overview of dementia and the impact on the person living with dementia, leading to improved care and support.

‘The course was excellent. Detailed information on the nature of dementia. Particularly appreciated the way the lived experience of people with dementia was portrayed. It will revolutionise my ability to communicate with people with dementia.”

Care manager


  1. Talk about stereotyping and its effect on a person with dementia (including individuality and person centred care).
  2. Recognise the different causes of dementia and the signs and symptoms of dementia through group work (assesses current knowledge and dispels misconceptions).
  3. Experience what it might be like to have a dementia.
  4. Understand how the memory works to enable participants to understand the reality of a person living with a dementia.
  5. Understand the effects of dementia on the brain and behaviour and how this can impact on an individual’s ability to communicate.
  6. Review our own basic needs and the impact losing these has on us as a person.
  7. Discuss the person’s reality and how understanding our own needs can help us to recognise the reasons or meaning and emotions behind certain behaviours and words people use.
  8. Think about how small changes to the environment can increase support and independence of a person living with a dementia.
  9. Recognise that all behaviour is communication.
  10. Create dementia friends.

“I can honestly say this is one of the most informative training sessions that I have attended.”

A staff member at Bromley Council Social Care Team


  1. An increased understanding of the impact of dementia on the people in their care.
  2. Knowledge of the small changes that can be made to support a person in their own environment.
  3. Better understanding of what a person may be communicating through their words and how appropriate responses can enhance wellbeing.
  4. Increased understanding of how it feels to live with dementia enhancing their ability to empathise with the person living with dementia.
  5. Understanding of the needs of a person living with a dementia.
  6. Increase job satisfaction through a better knowledge of the impact of dementia
  7. Enhanced support and improved wellbeing for the person living with dementia.
  8. Reduction in work related stress through improved understanding and communication.
  9. Increased numbers of dementia friends.

“Best dementia course I’ve been on.”

Care Worker


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