Mental Health Training feedback

“The professionalism and organisation was the best level I have experienced so far.”

We pride ourselves on the feedback we receive about our Mental Health Training. Select the course you are interested in below to discover what participants have been saying.

  • Mental Health First Aider training feedback

    “It was very clear and well constructed. The instructors were brilliant in allowing balance between heavier topics and more light hearted discussions.”

    “Really engaging and thought provoking. Amazing delivery – thanks!”

    “Very informative and well structured, great instructors and great programme.”

    “Probably one of the best courses I have been on. I definitely feel a change in myself and feel I can and will immediately start applying what I’ve learnt.”

  • Providing Remote Mental Health Support feedback

    “Very experienced and engaging trainers with real experience to pull on.”

    “Brilliant, insightful learning.”

    “I felt like because I have already been remotely working for so long now, I have mastered it, and didn’t think I would have learnt so many new, lovely things.”

    “The professionalism and organisation was the best level I have experienced so far. They were really encouraging and their tips were so natural, and great to feel like our natural intuition was in the right place. Would definitely recommend.”

    “Really great trainers and useful content. Loved the interactive element too.”

    “Have picked up valuable tips that I’ll put into practice.”

    “I came with an open mind. I had no expectations. It was an enjoyable and useful collaborative experience with great content that was led very well by the trainers.”

    “Really helpful tips that I hadn’t thought of before, especially as someone new to providing support.”

  • Online Wellbeing Training feedback

    “The session were very informative and also gave me a lot of guidance to cope with daily routines and stress levels. It was also really helpful to hear other ways of coping within the group.”

    “Comprehensive but well explained. Simple, and hopefully effective, techniques to take forward.”

    “Useful, actionable content which addressed the topics directly and concisely.”

    “Charlotte is really an exceptional presenter. Enthusiastic, engaged and intelligent. Really lucky to have had her present this and would recommend her to anyone who asked.”

    “Was very interesting about the wellbeing of myself and how to turn negative to positive.”

    “I enjoyed the sessions and learned tips to support me personally and professionally. The suggested resources were beneficial to extend the learning.”

    “The sessions were very organised, friendly and it was explained very effectively and clearly.”

    “Charlotte was an interesting and lively facilitator and presented the material well.”

  • Mental Health Awareness Training feedback

    “This was excellent. I learnt lots of new things even though I have worked in mental health services for many years. It was really good to think about my own wellbeing. Thank you for an excellent day.”

    “It opened my eyes to stigma.”

    “Very interesting and stimulating training, including lots of interaction.”

    “Very informative and very well presented.”

    “All of the training was very useful.”

    “I got much more out of the session than expected. Very interesting and well-delivered.”

    “Really enjoyed training and didn’t want to fall asleep as sometimes happens!”

    “Many thanks – an engaging and stimulating 3 hours.”

    “Interesting, interactive, informative, great group of people and training.”

    “Very interesting session and super-engaging session leader.”

    “Great structure to the course, helpful refresher and provided a good opportunity to connect with other professionals.”

  • Suicide Prevention Training feedback

    “I now have a greater understanding on suicide prevention. I feel like if I met someone who needed help due to suicidal thoughts, maybe I could help them. ”

    “Super lovely professionals who were insightful and inviting.”

    “I came to the training knowing nothing about suicide prevention and now I am comfortable having a conversation or even offering help.”

    “Trainer was very welcoming and knowledgeable, the course was very informative and it made me look at things in a different light on suicide.”

    “I feel like this was a great course to open up conversations around suicide and to be able to apply them to real life scenarios.”

    “Excellent delivery. Covered so much and equipped us with the practical skills to assess help someone who is suicidal.”

    “I feel that the session was delivered exceptionally. Kirut and Charlotte were great and made me feel comfortable to express my feelings and thoughts enabling me to have the knowledge and steps to support anyone who may need/want it.”

    “I think it was really helpful in how to address and deal with someone who is suicidal.”

    “I was given links to services that I never knew existed and we learnt how to open a discussion, which was something I really did not know how to go about.”

    “I’ve learnt a lot around the topic and have taken away tools to help me in my personal life and professional life.”

    “There was a large amount of helpful information provided and reflections on own life and how to provide support.”

    “Provided tools and confidence to have the difficult conversations around suicide.”

    “I’ve come away with more info, better informed to hold conversations and with useful techniques.”

    “Very informative but also a good platform to ask questions, not all about being talked at.”

    “Very informative. Sensitive topic which evoked emotions but felt supported by facilitators throughout.”

    “Lots of actionable items and tools to use in helping people facing suicide or having been through it. Information was relevant and learnt key statistics.”

    “It was great information that was delivered in an appropriate and relatable way.”

    “Well presented and interactive. Covered a difficult topic very well. Appreciated the local focus. The discussion groups were really helpful.”

    “I feel better equipped with managing cases where people express suicidal ideation.”

    “Really excellent well-paced workshop, lots of valuable info but not too much to take on board.”

    “Was a good training sessions and discussed a lot of the taboos of suicide and feel more comfortable to support and help now.”

    “Found the training very positive on a very difficult subject. Have learnt new tools like being mindful of listening and asking opening questions.”

    “The training was really informative and helpful. It made me become more confident in spotting the signs of someone that is suicidal, but also gave me the knowledge to know how to approach and have a conversation with someone that might be struggling.”

    “It was an eye-opener for me as a professional, it gave me more insight into how you could actually cause more damage to someone that is feeling suicidal, thinking you are helping. It has equipped me more for my role in the community.”

  • Mentally Healthy Teams feedback

    “This has been very valuable for us as a team. Thank you – I think it will actually make a difference!”

    “Fun, interactive and educational.”

    “Good session – very enjoyable.”

  • Building Resilience feedback

    “The trainer was very personable, very open about her own experience with mental health problems and open to questions.”

    “Interactive, thought-provoking.”

    “This is the very first course of this type that I have ever attended. I really liked it and look forward to more.”

    “Raising awareness within our organisation of the importance of mental health – seeing others engaging with discussion of a generally ‘taboo’ subject.”

    “I enjoyed the group work and learning about the small changes we can all make in different areas of our life.”

    “A very engaging and good session.”

    “Thank you for an engaging and useful training session; one I feel so many could benefit from.”

    “Please can we have another course like this in the future – the speaker was excellent. Thank you!”