No London Mind Left Behind: A call to action for the next Mayor

The upcoming London Mayoral election presents a crucial opportunity to prioritise the mental wellbeing of all Londoners.

Here at South East London Mind, we’re calling on all candidates to work with us and address the five key priorities outlined in our manifesto.

Our Chief Executive, Ben Taylor, joins local Mind leaders across London, in calling for the next Mayor to address five key mental health priorities.

Ben Taylor explained, “The Mind in London manifesto focuses on creating a London where everyone has access to the support they need to thrive mentally. We envision a city that tackles the root causes of mental health issues, promotes early intervention, and ensures a diverse and well-funded mental health system”.

This vision, however, cannot be achieved without strong leadership from the Mayor’s office. We believe collaboration is key, and we’re committed to working alongside the next Mayor to ensure no London mind is left behind.

Five Priorities for the Mayor of London:

  1. Tackle the challenges arising from the ongoing cost of living crisis: Financial worries are a major contributor to mental health problems. We urge the next Mayor to prioritise policies that support Londoners struggling with rising costs, such as affordable housing initiatives and access to essential goods and services.
  2. Address health inequalities by making services more inclusive and accessible: Mental health services need to be readily available for everyone, regardless of background or ethnicity. The next Mayor should invest in culturally sensitive services and address any barriers that prevent people from seeking help.
  3. Support children and young people by adopting the Whole School Approach: Early intervention is crucial for young people’s mental health. We therefore call on the next Mayor to support schools in implementing the Whole School Approach, which promotes mental wellbeing for all students through a combination of support services and positive learning environments.
  4. Recognise the importance of communities and community services: Strong social connections are vital for mental health. In light of this, the next Mayor should advocate for community-based services that foster social inclusion and offer support networks for those struggling.
  5. Tackle housing instability and improve access to good quality and stable housing: Unstable housing is a major stressor and can significantly impact mental health. The next Mayor should prioritise policies that increase the supply of affordable housing and provide support services for those at risk of homelessness.

Join the movement: add your voice to our open letter

We encourage everyone who cares about mental health in London to add their name to this open letter.

Together, we can create a London where everyone has the opportunity to flourish mentally. Add your name to the Open letter.