We need to talk about Black Maternal Mental Health

We are proud to be supporting the Motherhood Group’s Black Maternal Mental Health Week from 25th September until the 1st October.

The week-long campaign drives positive change in maternal healthcare practices for Black mothers.

Black mothers are often disproportionately affected by mental health problems during pregnancy and post-partum, and yet are less likely to receive support for their struggles.

“Every mother, including Black Mums deserve the right to have access to adequate support, care, safe spaces and for their voice to be heard” – The Motherhood Group

We are excited that Chantelle Adonai-Lane, our Culturally Diverse Group Coordinator, is going to be speaking at The Motherhood Group’s first sold-out online event, Breaking Cultural Barriers. Chantelle will be joined by Motherhood Group CEO, Sandra Igwe, and colleagues from Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.

Chantelle said: “We are very proud to be supporting BMMHW 2023, to raise awareness of these disparities and improve outcomes for Black mums.

By recognising the importance of black maternal mental health and further collaboration with others we can do even more to break cultural barriers and ensure healthy outcomes for black mothers and their children”

Watch The Motherhood Group’s video which sheds light on the importance of Black Maternal Mental Health Week

How can you support?

BLG Mind will support Black Maternal Mental Health Week on all of our social media platforms. Be part of the change by sharing our content on your channels!

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Watch this space for more updates throughout the week and see what else The Motherhood Group are doing for Black Maternal Mental Health Week here https://themotherhoodgroup.org/bmmhw23/