Every little helps! You can now support BLG Mind as you shop in your local Tesco

2 wheelchair users with their carers wearing blue YODA tshirts travelling through a wildflower garden

Pictured: Our Young Onset Dementia Activists enjoy a trip to the Tower of London.

We are very pleased to announce that BLG Mind’s Young Onset Dementia Activists (YODA) is one of the groups on the shortlist of Tesco’s Stronger Starts Initiative which sees grants of up to £1,500, £1,000 and £500 awarded to local community projects.

Don’t miss your chance to vote for YODA and support BLG Mind as you shop in your local Tesco.

What is YODA?

YODA supports people in the London boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich who have developed dementia before the age of 65. It provides a supportive space for people living with dementia and their carers to take part in activities from dancing to bowling to lunches out. YODA is funded entirely by donations, so counts on your support to keep on going.

Saira Addison, Service Manager, said: “Most dementia services are aimed at older people, so aren’t able to offer the kind of support that younger people who have dementia need.

“Before we set up YODA, people as young as 40 were accessing our MindCare dementia services. It was clear we needed to offer support around the issues younger people are more likely to face, such as employment and relationships with children”

While a key focus of the service is fun, the mere act of leaving the safety of home to attend the group can be hugely positive to the mental wellbeing of its participants. People with young onset dementia can become socially isolated, which may lead to a decline in their mental and physical health.

Saira added: “Being involved in activities and pushing themselves to do new things gives the YODAs a sense of engagement, self-esteem, purpose and joy. It lifts them up emotionally, as well as their loved ones who join in too. There’s a serious lack of support like this in the country, which makes YODA really special”

“Without YODA, I would still be lost at sea. But they threw me a lifeline.” YODA member.

How does voting work?

Tesco shoppers are invited to vote for who they think should take away the top grant.

You can cast your vote using a token given to you at the check-out each time you shop.

You can support BLG Mind and vote for YODA in the following Tesco stores:

  • Tesco Express Bromley, BR2 0TY
  • Tesco, Elmers End, BR3 4AA
  • Tesco Express Penge Royston Rd, SE20 7QB
  • Tesco Express St Pauls Cray, BR5 3AQ
  • Tesco Bromley Plaistow Lane, BR1 4DS
  • Tesco Express, Beckenham, BR3 6RD
  • Tesco Express, Anerley Rd, SE19 2AH
  • Tesco Express, Croydon Rd, Penge, SE20 7TY
  • Tesco Bromley, BR1 2UE
  • Tesco Extra, Orpington, BR6 0NH
  • Tesco Express, Biggin Hill, TN16 3BB
  • Tesco Express, Beckenham, BR3 4EP
  • Tesco Express Penge High St, SE20 7EX
  • Tesco Express, Bromley High Street, BR1 1LF

For more information please visit: tescoplc.com/strongerstarts

Want to know more about YODA? See Young Onset Dementia Activists (YODA)