Our Allotment Project needs your help to keep growing

Grass and shrubs in front of a greenhouse, backing onto trees

Image description: Grass and shrubs in front of a greenhouse, backing onto trees

Our Allotment Project, run by Bromley Recovery and Wellbeing College, gives students a truly enriching experience in the world of horticulture. As well as learning practical gardening and food-growing skills, attendees explore the healing power of nature.

Our Allotment Project helps people to connect with the wider community and combat social isolation. One of our students, who joined the project after experiencing severe depression and anxiety, shared: “The tutors were always willing to listen and give their time. It feels like being part of a family. The other members of the group have been very supportive.” 

Students find the support, confidence, and experience they gain on the course to be incredibly empowering. Some have been inspired to share their new skills and give back to others. A small group have joined our Community Gardening Project, where they visit the homes of people who have been unable to care for their gardens. 

For the Allotment Project (and the Community Garden Project) to keep flourishing, we need your help. 

We’re in urgent need of:

  • new tools
  • kneeling mats
  • secateurs
  • gardening gloves
  • A wheelbarrow, as our previous one was unfortunately stolen

We’re reaching out for donations to restore our worn-out equipment to keep our students safe while they learn, grow, and heal. 

Your generous contributions will make a tangible difference to local people and help to cultivate a healthier and happier community, one garden at a time. 

Together, we can sow the seeds of positive change. 

Please consider donating to our local fundraiser.