Minds Up training reaches over 3,000 secondary school students

Five children in every classroom are likely to have a mental health problem. That’s why we needed to step in.

In September 2021, we created a tailor-made mental health programme for secondary schools: Minds Up.

Three high school students in a classroom looking at an exercise in a workbook

Our Minds Up training programme has now reached a landmark figure – educating over 3,000 students across Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich.

Not only does Minds Up normalise talking about mental health and break down mental health stigma – the programme could also be lifesaving. As a direct result of the Minds Up Programme, 80 students have come forward and made their mental health problems known to their school. Most of these students were not already known to the school for their mental health.

“We spoke about our worries. It made me feel I am not alone” – Student Year 7

Our free Minds Up workshops cover a range of topics, including:

  • The transition to secondary school.
  • Exam stress.
  • Relationships.
  • Coping strategies.
  • Ways to avoid stress and maintain positive mental well-being.

How does it work?

Minds Up will work with your school to create workshop content which is tailored to your school’s context. We remain flexible and respond to what teachers and pupils are telling us.

Our workshops are also co-produced by young people —our “Minds Up Influencers” aged 14-17 — who have regular meetings to tailor the content of our workshops.

The workshops are interactive and encourage students to talk about mental health and ask questions they may not have the opportunity to ask elsewhere.

“This was useful. Difficult topics need to be talked about more” – Student, Year 11

How do we tailor the workshops?

For younger students, we spend time defining mental health and making sure that they know whom to turn to if they need support.

For older students, we often work on stress (in general or related to exams). We talk about the science of stress, levels of cortisol etc., and how it can become problematic if stress levels remain high for too long.

Do you work in a secondary school in Bromley, Lewisham or Greenwich? Sign your school up for free, by emailing: mindsup@blgmind.org.uk

Together, we hope to reach as many young people as possible, ensuring they receive the appropriate and timely support they deserve.