New and improved Bromley Dementia Support Hub launches

Since 2016, the Bromley Dementia Support Hub has been providing vital support for people living with dementia and their carers across the London Borough of Bromley.

The Hub is delivered by a partnership between MindCare Dementia Support (part of Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind), Age UK Bromley & Greenwich and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. Last year the service supported more than 1,000 people.

On 1 July 2020, the Hub entered the next phase of its development with the start of a new contract with the London Borough of Bromley for the partnership to deliver the service for at least the next five years.

Many valued elements of the Hub will continue under the new contract, including:

  • Dementia information and advice after people receive a diagnosis
  • Individual person-centred support to address people’s social and practical issues
  • Group and individual coaching sessions for carers
  • Dementia support for Extra Care Housing schemes in Bromley
  • Dementia training for health and social care staff and the public.

Over the coming months there will also be several developments, informed by feedback from people who have used the service. These include:

  • More support for people with young onset dementia
  • An increase in the number of people we can provide with befriending support
  • A second Memory Lane dementia café and other peer support activities
  • New workforce development opportunities for staff working with people living with dementia.

An important focus for the service under its new contract will be the growth of support for young onset dementia (for individuals under 65). Adults as young as 40 with young onset dementia have been accessing services through the Bromley Dementia Support Hub. Specific support for this group will be a new aspect of the service, taking a holistic approach to include considering employment support and the needs of clients with young families.

The Bromley Dementia Support Hub will continue to work collaboratively as part of a support pathway, alongside Bromley Council, NHS services and a range of voluntary and community services.

The Hub is continuing to help people during the coronavirus outbreak. This includes offering online and telephone support as well as vital emotional support for clients and carers at this difficult time. A new online carers support group has also been established and has been welcomed by this particularly vulnerable group during the UK’s lockdown.

Visit the Bromley Dementia Support Hub website.