Dementia Summer Parties in Beckenham and Orpington

man with dementia dancing with woman

Not even the British summer rain could dampen the spirits of staff, volunteers, people living with dementia and their families on 7th August 2019.


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The Beckenham MindCare Dementia Activity Centre held a 1970s themed summer party for people with dementia and their families, supported by volunteers from National Citizen Service (NCS).

After a heatwave and great summer so far, the clouds released a downpour of rain onto the outdoor annual summer party but that wasn’t enough to dishearten anyone.

The NCS programmes offer young people aged between 15 and 17 years old, a chance to develop life skills, make new friendships, discover new talents and learn new things.

At MindCare, NCS volunteers were tasked with organising fundraising games and competitions for the annual summer party for people living with dementia and their families. As part of the programme, NCS volunteers came to visit the centre, learn about dementia, how it affects people and meet people living with dementia.

Feedback from the NCS volunteers suggests that it was a very worthwhile experience for them:

“I didn’t know places like this existed!”

“I have learnt so much about dementia.”

“It has made me think about things I hadn’t thought of before.”

“People [at the centre] just seem normal and happy, you wouldn’t know they had dementia.”

“I felt like we made a difference, we really wanted to do something to help.”

“I loved coming here, it’s brilliant!”

“I felt like the experience has opened my eyes.”

“I think it is important that NCS gets involved with projects like this otherwise how we would understand about dementia?”

The NCS volunteers helped raise £189 which will go towards the centre and running activities for clients.

The MindCare St Paul’s Wood Dementia Activity Centre in St. Paul’s Cray, Orpington also held its summer party on 16th August 2019, where people living with dementia and their families go to enjoy live singing, dance and music.

“These summer parties are really important to us, our clients and their families,” said Leigh Collins, Assistant Senior Dementia Worker at the centre. “They are a valuable opportunity for us to develop relationships with the families which lead to learning and sharing ways to best support everyone affected to live well with dementia.”

“Families also get the opportunity to create new memories,” Leigh continued. “People often comment that they haven’t seen their family member so happy and engaging in activities as they are at the MindCare centres. It’s wonderful for them to have new experiences together and have memories and photos of the occasion that they will treasure.”

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