Relationship Counselling in Greenwich

A couple in a relationship counselling with a counsellor

In September 2013, the first couple received relationship counselling in Greenwich Mind, which merged to become Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind in April 2018.

Greenwich Relationship Counselling came into being after the observation that individuals who found counselling or group work helpful for themselves, experienced difficulties in making changes in their relationships.

The service is for a wide variety of relationships including:

  • couples and partners
  • siblings
  • parents and children.

People come to relationship counselling for a number of reasons, including:

  • difficulties in communication
  • not feeling heard by the other person
  • arguments
  • breakdown of trust
  • issues around work/life balance.

Over the years, Greenwich Relationship Counselling service has been very popular with adults in cross-cultural relationships.

Having different cultural, ethnic, religious or family backgrounds and different life experiences leads individuals to live life by a unique combination of values that can influence how a person thinks, communicates and behaves in everyday life. No-one has exactly the same background or life experiences, and so, no-one thinks, communicates and behaves exactly the same.

Different values, behaviours and ways of communicating can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and arguments over managing finances, work and raising children, and ultimately, a breakdown in trust or the relationship. These problems can arise in relationships within the same culture and in cross-cultural relationships.

Relationship counselling can help people talk about misunderstandings, disagreements or difficult feelings with a professional counsellor present, who can help people in the  relationship, understand each other better, communicate more effectively and resolve differences.

Over the years, 95% of relationships using and benefiting from the Greenwich Relationship Counselling service have been couples. One client said,

“I found sessions very helpful. They helped me talk about thoughts and feelings and get an objective, non-judgmental perspective.”

If you are an adult living in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and think you may benefit from free relationship counselling from our Greenwich Relationship Counselling service, you can find more and contact them here.

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