Musical Summer Memories for People with Dementia and their Families

People with dementia and their cares dancing to music

The heatwave summer of 2018 may have come to an end but at Bromley MindCare Dementia Support, we have plenty of good memories.

Centres in Beckenham and Orpington held 70s themed Summer Parties during the summer for clients living with dementia and their family carers, to create and share new experiences and memories.

Care worker dancing with women with dementia

Live 1970s music and the summer weather touched hearts and souls and had people living with dementia, their families, MindCare staff and volunteers dancing and laughing, whilst enjoying food, drink, raffles and conversation.

Dementia carer collecting raffle prize

The Role of Music in Dementia Support

At the Bromley MindCare dementia centres, music and arts have been an important part of the support provided.

Creating, listening, enjoying or dancing to music can be an experience that most people can relate to.

Researchers are increasingly finding that music is something that we connect to from the womb and into late stages of life. Music can access different parts of the brain compared to language alone and so can offer a different method of memory recall, communication and expression for someone living with dementia.

People with dementia, carers and care workers dancing to 70s classic, YMCA

Music can take a person back to fond emotions and memories such as their first kiss, a wedding day, birthdays or a favourite sports team winning a competition.

At Bromley MindCare centres music has been used to help people with dementia:

  • ease their anxiety or low mood
  • reduce isolation and withdrawal from others
  • maintain speech and language skills
  • support memory recall
  • promote involvement and social interaction in activities
  • encourage physical exercise and movement.

It is wonderful to see clients living with dementia being inspired by music on a daily basis at the Bromley MindCare dementia centres and to see the positive effect it has on them and their family carers.

Women with dementia dancing

Woman with dementia dancing and chatting

Man with dementia dancing and smiling

Woman with dementia dancing with carer and professional


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