Flin’s Fitness Raises £3,400

Participants from Flin's Fitness Aerobathon 2018

Participants from Flin’s Fitness Aerobathon 2018. Photograph: Payley Photography

On 14th September 2018, Flin’s Fitness ran an aerobathon giving local people several taster sessions for an entry fee of £12, with money raised and any extra donations received, going to Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich (BLG) Mind. In just three hours, Flin’s Fitness and participants raised £3,400 to help the charity improve the lives of local people experiencing mental health difficulties.

As well as taster exercise sessions, the aerobathon provided a live DJ, food, and there was a special appearance by fitness presenter, Rachel Holmes.

Rachel Holmes leading a taster session at Flin's Fitness Aerobathon 2018

Rachel Holmes leading a taster session at Flin’s Fitness Aerobathon 2018. Photograph: Payley Photography

Fran Flin, Orpington resident, fitness trainer, and local firefighter, runs Flin’s Fitness, and has regularly supported BLG Mind through fundraising events like this.

“Mental health is an important part of our overall health, and nowadays, with the challenges of modern life, more and more people are experiencing ups and downs with their mental wellbeing,” said Fran.

“Exercise and diet can really help us to look after our mental and physical health. Several people attending Flin’s Fitness classes have said they have also benefitted from the social connection with other local people.”

“Family, education, work, community are important parts of all our lives but it’s also important for people to make time for themselves. Exercise is a great to look after body and mind, and quietening the inner chatter we can all experience.”

“I am proud and privileged to serve the local community in some many ways. Thank you to everyone who has generously donated to raise money for BLG Mind.”

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