Mindkit Youth Wellbeing Evaluation Report

In just over 2 years, Mindkit delivered 418 sessions introducing 18,233 young people across 5 London boroughs, to tools and techniques to manage their wellbeing and develop resilience, in an ever-changing and increasingly uncertain world.

The Mindkit youth wellbeing project was an innovative partnership project between four local Minds. Goldsmiths, University of London, has completed and published an evaluation of the project.

The evaluation shows:

  • that Mindkit helped “young people to consider mental health and resilience-building in novel ways”
  • the impact on young people’s understanding of mental health and wellbeing was significant, with “very meaningful level of increased learning as a result of the sessions”.

What differentiated Mindkit from other programmes across the country was the involvement of young people with lived experience of mental health problems as volunteer trainers and their ability to connect with the young people attending the sessions.  A total of 151 young people with their own experience of mental health problems were trained to deliver Mindkit sessions.

Mindkit sessions were also developed working with 140 young people to tailor the style (language, imagery, length, structure, activities and materials) of the sessions.

“The evaluation of Mindkit suggests that this programme…has the capacity to effect positive change for its volunteers, and the young people and organisations who receive Mindkit sessions. While Mindkit is one part of a much larger toolbox of mental health focused initiatives for schools and young people, it offers an authentic voice about mental health that young people are able to hear and respect. This important focus on co-production of material and delivery means that Mindkit sessions can be subtly tailored towards their audience, maximizing potential impact.”

Across the 5 London boroughs, 51% of volunteers delivering the Mindkit sessions entered paid employment during or after their involvement with Mindkit. In the borough of Bromley and Lewisham, 60% of Mindkit volunteers went into paid employment, or moved into paid employment that better reflected their personal ambitions.

Download and read the full evaluation for case studies and more.

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