Recovery College Depersonalisation Workshop

Organised by Frankie Hughes and Georgina Loucaidou, on 27th October 2017, the Bromley Recovery College ran a full day workshop on Depersonalisation at the United Reform Church, attended by 48 people including services users, carers, professionals and the general public from across and beyond London.

Depersonalisation Disorder is a person’s experience of feeling unreal, detached, and often, unable to feel emotion. Many people with this disorder feel disconnected from themselves. For some people the condition can feel as though the world around them is like a movie that they are watching rather than specifically being a part of it. Keynote speaker, Dr. Elaine Hunter, talked about the cause, signs and symptoms and living and working with depersonalisation.

The Depersonalition Workshop was very successful and informative and, as a result, a support group will be set up in London.

Generally, there is now more knowledge about this difficult condition and people will feel more informed and less alone with their experiences.