New Mental Wellbeing and Carers Services Launched as part of Bromley Well

As part of Bromley Well, Bromley & Lewisham Mind has set up new mental wellbeing services for people in Bromley borough affected by stress, low mood, excessive worry or feeling isolated:

  1. Information and advice for people finding it harder to cope with work, family and daily life.
  2. ‘Ways to Wellbeing’ Peer Support Groups helping people to understand mental wellbeing, find new ways to relax, manage and maintain their own mental wellbeing.
  3. A carers support service for carers of a person with mental health needs, providing one-to-one emotional support, support groups, drop-in sessions, a carers education program and mental health skills and education group.

The first Ways to Wellbeing peer support group started on 27th November 2017.

The carers support sessions and drop-ins are already running and the carers educational program and mental health skills and education group will be starting at the beginning of 2018.

How to Access the Bromley Well mental wellbeing and carer’s services

Carers or people experiencing low mood can access the service directly themselves by contacting Bromley Well (Tel: 0300 3309 039, Email: and ask to be referred to the relevant services.

Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for volunteers with their own experiences of low mood, stress and worry to lead the Ways to Wellbeing Peer Support Groups. Volunteers will receive training, ongoing support and certificates of service and have the opportunity to develop valuable work skills and experience. Contact Roxana on 07718 445558 (or Hannah on 07718 403 574 in Roxana’s absence).