Alice’s Mental Health Recovery Story

Alice's Mental Health Recovery Story image

‘Alice’* had recently been discharged from long-term therapy when she was referred to Recovery Works. At the time, she was still affected by her eating disorder and had been diagnosed with a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Work-related stress as a secretary had triggered bouts of alcohol and substance misuse and self-harm, and Alice had become anxious at the thought of being discharged from therapy.

Alice was supported to take control of her stress by developing simple coping strategies which she was supported to practice. She also began to use mobile phone apps that help visualise safe space to manage her profound anxieties (caused by childhood trauma). Alice also attended two courses at the Bromley Recovery College to help her manage her mental health better.

Alice has made several changes which are making a real difference. With support from her Recovery Support Adviser, she has been able to strengthen her personal relationships, giving her better ongoing support and strategies for managing her own mental health.

Alice has also decided to change careers to take on work in which her own lived experience can be of value.  She has recently interviewed for and been offered two separate roles working for a mental health trust. She will take up the offer of working on an inpatient ward and feels that she is “really finding herself again”.

*name changed

What is Recovery Works?

Recovery Works is a community mental health service, commissioned in 2016 by the NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). It supports people with mental health problems to develop skills and strategies to manage periods of distress, while leading full and rewarding lives.

How Recovery Works Provides Community Mental Health Support in Bromley

The service operates from three well-located centres and a range of community venues in Bromley, and provides:

  1. Person-Centred Recovery Support including support to access community resources
  2. and opportunities
  3. Specialist Employment Support to help people return to work or stay in their jobs during a period of ill-health
  4. A Recovery College offering a wide range of structured courses and workshops
  5. which are co-developed and co-delivered by people with lived experience of mental health problems
  6. Peer Support including individual peer mentoring and facilitating peer support groups to become independent of Bromley & Lewisham Mind.

In addition, peer-led Open Access sessions for people with mental health problems continued to be supported by Bromley & Lewisham Mind during the year, operating alongside but separately from Recovery Works.

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