Cycling to Live Well with Dementia in Lewisham

Proving you never forget the joys of riding a bike, Lewisham MindCare Dementia Support took people living with dementia out on bike rides in Ladywell Fields Park in June.

Some people living with dementia who use Lewisham MindCare Dementia Support services had mentioned they had enjoyed riding bikes when they were younger but had lost confidence over the years. So Lewisham MindCare arranged a cycling session for them thanks to Wheels for Wellbeing, a charity helping people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

After getting warmed up and familiar with the specially adapted bikes, Lewisham MindCare clients went out for a couple of laps around the beautiful Ladywell Fields Park.

people with dementia cycling around Ladywells Park in Lewisham

Sheila, who is 84 and has Alzheimer’s dementia, said,

“I went on a three wheeler bike – it was good to know that I could do it! It’s good to get back something I’d left alone for so long.”

Eurel who has dementia gets the hand of her hand powered bike

Eurel, who is 84 and has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, said,

 “I could use the one for my arms as I have arthritis and my knees don’t work so well – it was fun!”

Pauline Wilkson, Manager at Lewisham MindCare, said,

“Lewisham MindCare supports people to live well as possible with their dementia and we know a big part of that is looking after health and keeping physically active. We get people using our services involved in various interest groups and they tell us what they like, don’t like and what they want to do. This cycling event resulted from feedback from one of dementia groups and we hope that after this taster, some of them might regularly attend local Wheels for Wellbeing sessions.”