Living Well with Dementia

Bromley-wide dementia support services focus on helping people to live as well as possible with dementia.

A dementia diagnosis is life changing for the person diagnosed, family carers and friends. There is currently no cure for dementia. It can take time for everyone affected to come to terms with the diagnosis. Dementia is a challenging illness but by adapting your lifestyle, finding the right support for you as soon as possible, you can still live well with dementia.

Keeping your mind and body active are incredibly important in living as well as possible with dementia and doing the things you want to do for as long as possible.

The Benefits of Dementia Support

MindCare Dementia Support runs a specialist dementia centre in Beckenham, where people living with dementia can interact with other people and engage in stimulating indoor and outdoor activities. The daughter of a MindCare client recently emailed them about how her mother benefited from attending the dementia support centre:

“Just a little note to say thank you for all the help, attention and encouragement you give my mum.
As I don’t live near my mum, we have daily telephone conversations and there is a marked difference in her voice on the days she attends the MindCare Centre.  The tone of her voice is upbeat and she is full of excitement, telling me what responsibilities she was given during the day. As a result, she feels needed and appreciated and part of a community again, which is very important for people with dementia like her.
We’ve also noticed that her memory and conversational skills have improved with the interaction she gets with people at the Centre.
She is looking forward to the summer when she can join in gardening duties. She also enjoyed having her nails painted recently.
Thank you and keep up the good work!”


Bromley is Becoming a Dementia Friendly Community

Bromley businesses and public services are working to become more dementia friendly. They are working to understand what it is like to live with dementia and adapt their services so you feel welcome and can take part in everyday life.

For example, MyTime Active are dementia friendly. If you let them know about your needs, they can help stay active, exercise and socialise at their leisure centres.

There are more dementia friendly places, activities and memory/dementia cafes across Bromley, to help you create new experiences and memories with family carers and live well with dementia.

Access Local Bromley Dementia Services and Support

If you are interested in local Bromley dementia services, support groups and activities, contact the Bromley Dementia Support Hub where a Dementia Advisor can guide you through options and help you find what suits you best.


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