Bromley MindCare and MyTime Active Making Bromley a Dementia Friendly Community

Bromley MindCare Dementia Support staff member, Naima

MyTime Active and MindCare Dementia Support in Bromley took 28 people through a Dementia Friends session in Bromley and spoke to over 105 people about memory problems and dementia during Dementia Awareness Week 2017.

MyTime Active hosted Dementia Friends sessions and MindCare Dementia Support at its Beckenham Spa and Bromley Pavillion leisure centres on Wednesday 17th May and Friday 19th May respectively.

The Dementia Friends sessions helped people learn about dementia and the little, everyday things they can do support someone living with dementia.

MindCare Dementia Support staff spoke with over 105 people using the MyTime Active centres about memory problems and dementia.

Saira Addison, MindCare Dementia Support Manager, said, “There are over 4,000 people living with dementia in Bromley and this number is expected to increase. Dementia doesn’t just affect the person diagnosed but also the family and friends caring for that person. It is important that we all start talking about dementia more openly so people with dementia can live as well as possible, as valuable members of the local community.”

Is it Possible to Live Well with Dementia?

As at May 2017, there is no cure for dementia and dementia is the leading cause of death. However, with the right support received as soon as possible, a person with dementia can pursue their interests and live their life in a meaningful way.

MindCare Dementia Support offer centres, providing safe and stimulating, indoor and outdoor environments for people with dementia to interact with other people and maintain everyday living skills.

The daughter of a person attending the MindCare Dementia Support Centre in Beckenham recently said,

 “Just a little note to say thank you for all the help, attention and encouragement you give my mum.

As I don’t live near my mum, we have daily telephone conversations and there is a marked difference in her voice on the days she attends the MindCare Centre.  The tone of her voice is upbeat and she is full of excitement, telling me what responsibilities she was given during the day.  As a result, she feels needed and appreciated and part of a community again, which is very important for people with dementia like her.

We’ve also noticed that her memory and conversational skills have improved with the interaction she gets with people at the Centre.

She is looking forward to the summer when she can join in gardening duties. She also enjoyed having her nails painted recently.

Thank you and keep up the good work!”

MyTime Active are dementia friendly, with staff trained to support and work with people living with dementia. MyTime Active offer movement classes appropriate for people with dementia and their carers, helping them to stay as active as possible.

Many people believe dementia is just memory loss and it only affects older people. Unfortunately, it is more than that – it is a disease of the brain that can affect any adult, not just older people, and can impact memory, ability to talk, eat, drink or walk.

Saira continued, “Getting to talk to people about memory problems and dementia is important at events like these. A lady attending a yoga class at MyTime Active said that her mother-in-law had dementia and the family was struggling to cope, not knowing what help was available to them. I pointed the lady towards the Bromley Dementia Support Hub.”

If you are looking after someone diagnosed with dementia, living in the London Borough of Bromley, the Bromley Dementia Support Hub is the first point of call, providing one stop access to dementia support to people with dementia and their carers.