5 Tips for Keeping Safe When Living with Dementia

  1. Use a credit or debit card rather than carrying large amounts of cash when going shopping. If you find your PIN hard to remember, ask your bank to change it to something easier. Some banks may also make arrangements for you to go back to swiping your card as opposed to using a pin, if this is easier for you.
  1. Don’t accept cold callers. Although most cold callers are legitimate, receiving a visit from a trader or business can be worrying, particularly if you are on your own. To make sure you are safe, you could consider displaying a ‘No Cold Callers’ sticker that warns cold callers not to visit. To get your free sticker contact Bromley Trading Standards on 020 8461 7832 or email standards@bromley.gov.uk. If you display the sticker and a trader or business ignores it, you can report them to Trading Standards.
  1. Make sure your door is securely shut and locked when you are at home and only unlock it when you are sure who is on the other side. You could use a spyhole or window to see who is calling.
  1. Say no to junk and scam mail. The Mailing Preference Service (0845 703 4599) enables you to have your name and home address removed from the lists to stop you receiving junk mail in the post.
  1. Registering your phone numbers with the Telephone Preference Service (0845 703 4599) is free and makes it illegal for companies or organisations who want your business to call without your permission.


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