Orpington High Street Leading the Way to Make Bromley Dementia Friendly

UPDATED May 2017: Date of Odeon Cinema dementia friendly screening changed to Tuesday 16th May and link updated.

Local businesses and organisations will be hosting events for Dementia Awareness Week 2017 (14th – 20th May), to make Orpington High Street one of the first dementia friendly high streets in Bromley.

On Tuesday 16th May, Orpington High Street will host a dementia bus, giving invited guests an experience of what it can be like to live with dementia. By experiencing how dementia might affect people and their families, local businesses and organisations can better meet the needs of customers using their services, making Orpington High Street a more appealing place to visit, shop and do business.

On the same day as the dementia bus, Tesco Orpington will be hosting charities and organisations, where members of the public can find out more about local dementia services and support. The Odeon in Orpington will be hosting the first dementia friendly film screening to be held in the country in Odeon Cinemas.

Dementia Awareness Week 2017 events in Bromley has been made possible by a group of businesses and charities including Bromley Dementia Support Hub, Bromley Dementia Action Alliance, Orpington 1st and CWJ Solicitors.

Sharon Baldwin, executive director of Orpington 1st Business Improvement District (BID), said once again Orpington based businesses were leading the way. “I am delighted with the response the community in Orpington has shown for ensuring this growing group of customers [living with dementia] are made to feel welcome and supported in their local High Street. The BID directors had no hesitation in supporting this initiative and look forward to a close partnership with all those involved in the months and years to come ensuring that Orpington really is better for business and better for customers.”

Nikki Fishman of the Bromley Dementia Support Hub said, “Local businesses and services appreciate how dementia is impacting their customers. Taking part in the virtual dementia bus experience will give local businesses and services a better understanding of how they can make themselves more appealing to people with dementia, their families and carers. It will be good for business and the local community.”

Find out more details about all events taking place across Bromley for Dementia Awareness Week 2017 here.