Volunteer as a Mindful Mum

Volunteer as a Mindful Mum in Bromley

The Mindful Mums project is building upon its successes and recruiting more volunteer mums with lived experience of dealing with the ups and downs of having a baby.

The project has been running since April 2016, delivering groups in Bromley supporting new mums and pregnant women.

Mindful Mum groups are co-produced by volunteer mums and Bromley & Lewisham Mind and cover topics such as identity, body image, relationships, connection and managing stress, tiredness and worry.

Mindful Mums groups have welcomed 70 mums since April. Mums benefitting from the groups have been aged between 20 and 43 years old.

Mel, a Mindful Mums volunteer, said,

“I have really enjoyed being involved in this project… the feedback from the mums has been overwhelmingly positive… They say that these sessions are a lifeline to them and they really help them to feel good about being a mum, even through the hard bits. They say that it is so refreshing to go to a group where people talk truthfully about the challenges and joys of being a mum, without just presenting a happy ‘everything is perfect’ façade.”

You can apply to become a Mindful Mum volunteer here, by Monday 16th January 2017.