Summer Garden Party at Beckenham

A festive London based theme greeted the  family and clients at our annual MindCare Summer Garden party in Beckenham on Friday 31 July. The MindCare garden was transformed into a London themed scene with colourful bunting, life-sized cut outs of tube station signs, bobbies and good old fashioned red telephone boxes.

Earlier in the day, the MindCare clients had enjoyed an East End staple of pie, mash and liquor for lunch, before sharing tea and cake with visitors in the glorious sunshine.

Sailor singing to lady with dementia in wheelchair

Entertainment came by way of jolly sailors declaring they were ‘home on leave’ before bursting into enthusiastic variety hall banter and audience participation. A range of classic war time favourites to 70s Abba hits encouraged everyone to sing and dance along, as parents, their children and grandchildren enjoyed the relaxed family event.

Person with dementia dancing with family

“The garden party is a really important” said Jackie Berry, Senior Care Worker at Beckenham Centre. “It gives family carers the opportunity to see what we do in the day care centre and also the chance for them to share experiences with other families, who then often develop friendships and support networks themselves.”

As well as a raffle and a football sweepstake to raise additional funds for MindCare activities, it was the first opportunity for many to see some recent building improvement works at the centre and the new potting shed.

Person with dementia drawing raffle tickets out of tumbler