Dementia Skills Team Wins Award

Christine receiving the Health Improvement Network Award for Bromley MindCare

MindCare Dementia Skills Manager, Christine, receives the award for Bromley MindCare Dementia Skills team

The Bromley MindCare Dementia Skills Team were recognised with an award from Health Innovation Network (NHS Health Education South London) in October 2014.

MindCare Dementia Skills Manager, Christine, collected an award for Partnerships and Innovation, Patients and Public for their work supporting Bromley dementia carers.

As part of the Coping with Caring project, the MindCare Dementia Skills Team provides training and coaching to individuals and families caring for someone with dementia in their own home. The training often includes:

  1. increasing carers’ understanding of the experience of their relative with dementia
  2. looking at the meaning behind their relative’s actions
  3. exploring how to manage behaviours carers may find challenging
  4. communicating effectively with someone with dementia.

During 2013, MindCare’s Dementia Skills staff provided individual coaching sessions to 69 family carers in the borough of Bromley. Feedback found that:

  • 100% of carers had their expectations of the coaching fully met or exceeded and would recommend it to others
  • 100% had improved knowledge, with 74% reporting it had greatly improved
  • 100% had improved confidence, with 61% reporting it had greatly improved
  • 100% said they would be able to offer enhanced support offered to their relative, with 57% reporting a significant improvement.

“Given me reassurance about the things I am doing right and advice on where I’ve been going wrong. Philippa was very patient and professional with me and super knowledgeable”

A carers feedback about the dementia training and coaching

The key things that makes this work deserving of a recognition award are:

  1. training and coaching is provided at the homes of dementia carers and the people they care for
  2. the ability of the Dementia Skills coaches at Bromley MindCare to adapt their materials and delivery to the needs of the particular carer they are working with.

Congratulations to Christine and Philippa of the Bromley MindCare Dementia Skills team.