Animal Therapy in Orpington

Man with dementia with a dog in animal therapy

Clients at our dementia centre in St Paul’s Wood, Orpington were treated to some animal therapy courtesy of Animal Days Out on 2 October. Animal Days Out used a variety of animals to help stimulate and engage clients with dementia at the centre. Animals included: a dog, African millipede, guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, hedgehogs, a snake and rabbits.

woman with dementia with a south american guinea pig and animal therapist

Handling the animals bought about much laughter and talk amongst clients. Clients talked about the animals they have had as pets throughout their life and recalled the pleasant relationships and memories.

women with dementia stroking a rabbit

Animal therapy has been used in a variety of dementia care settings to improve mood, increase relaxation and encourage social interaction with people with dementia. This is just one example of the types of activities that take place in the Bromley MindCare Dementia Support centres.

woman with dementia stroking a guinea pig