Recognising the Signs of Dementia

Memory loss does not necessarily mean you, your family member or friend have dementia and dementia is not a natural part of growing older.

However, if you have or recognise the symptoms below, contact your GP for help:

  1. Forgetting names of people and everyday objects
  2. Forgetting dates and times
  3. Forgetting things that have happened recently while still easily remembering things from years ago
  4. Repeating the same thing in conversations
  5. Finding it hard to follow conversations, books, TV programmes, movies
  6. Problems thinking things through, communicating and reasoning
  7. Feeling worried, depressed or angry about forgetting things or about the issue being raised
  8. Difficulty reading, writing or talking. 

Experiencing memory loss and the symptoms above does not necessarily lead to dementia. Other causes can include:

  • Depression and stress
  • Infections
  • Sleep problems
  • Alcohol
  • Medication 

If you recognise any of the signs in yourself or someone you care for and are concerned about the cause being dementia, please contact your GP and seek medical advice.

Christine cared for her husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. Watch her talk about how she started recognising the signs of dementia in her husband in the video below.