Improving LGBT Mental Health Support in Bromley

LGBT flag

Today, staff from the Community Wellbeing Service in Bromley will be taking part in training on gender and sexuality, provided by Bromley Healthcare. This is part of continuous improvement of the service to cater for the mental health needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) individuals.

The training will provide an in-depth understanding of human sexuality, the difference between anatomical sex and gender and address common misconceptions.

The staff team will also be updating their knowledge and application of the Equalities Act and thinking about how to best support people with mental health needs and alternative sexual orientation or gender identity.

Nathan Rendell, Community Mental Health Services Manager said, “The training will help staff and volunteers appreciate the world from an LGBT perspective. This will enable staff and volunteers to provide appropriate mental health support for the needs of LGBT members of our community in Bromley.”