Celebrating our Dementia Volunteers in Volunteers Week 2014

On Tuesday 3 June, volunteers from MindCare Dementia Support were invited to the Bromley & Lewisham Mind* Volunteers Meal at the Barrel and Horn for Volunteers Week 2014.

The event was held in recognition and appreciation of  the 300 hours per week volunteers contribute, helping improve the quality of life of people affected by mental health problems or dementia in the London boroughs of Bromley and Lewisham.

What our Dementia Volunteers Do

At MindCare Dementia Support, volunteers contribute to the dementia services by:

  • running individual and group activities and events to engage, stimulate people with demetia
  • providing social contact and support
  • shopping for fresh produce for meals in Bromley borough dementia day centres
  • fundraising
  • supporting organisation administrative tasks.

MindCare Dementia Support volunteers play a valuable role in helping people with dementia remain valuable members of their local communities. This often gives family dementia carers a break from caring and the ability to live their own lives.

Chief Executive, Ben Taylor, personally thanked all the volunteers at the meal with a few words of gratitude and awarded certificates to all volunteers.

Speaking to the volunteers, Ben Taylor said,

“Thank you for bringing your diverse skills and experience. Thank you for your great commitment and flexibility. Volunteers are absolutely essential to Bromley & Lewisham Mind being able to provide the valuable support we do to hundreds of people each week. It really isn’t an exaggeration to say we couldn’t manage without you.”

How do I Volunteer for MindCare?

If you are interested in dementia volunteering opportunities in Bromley and Lewisham please see our advertised opportunities on the Bromley & Lewisham Mind website.

Alternatively, you can contact the Bromley and Lewisham MindCare dementia services by telephone to make a general enquiry about volunteering.

* MindCare Dementia Support, is part of Bromley & Lewisham Mind.