Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014 in Lewisham

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Organised by NOW Live Events, the Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014 will take place at the Deptford Lounge (9 Giffin Street, Deptford, SE8 4RJ)  from 23-28 June.

The Independent described NOW Live Events: “(NOW Live Events) rid us of the myriad modern-day distractions that stop us from embracing the fullness of the present moment…using unconventional artistic methods”.

The Anxiety Arts Festival 2014 will feature two workshops run by staff and volunteers from Bromley & Lewisham Mind.

On 25 June at 3pm, Jess (Mental Health Advisor from the Community Support Service in Lewisham) will be delivering a Confidence Workshop.

On 26 June at 3pm, Peer Support Volunteers, Judith and Marilyn, will be running a Stress Management and Relaxation workshop.

Full details and booking information of the week are available on the NOW Live Events Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014 webpage.