Volunteer with Mindful Mums

The Mindful Mums team are always looking for women to help run the highly successful service aimed at mums in the perinatal period, intended to support them with their wellbeing and resilience. Over 100 volunteers have worked with the team since 2016 and one volunteer has been working for the service since the beginning! Flexible, rewarding and fun, if you feel you have something to offer, why not join the team?

Why volunteer for Mindful Mums?

  • Feel like you are giving something really worthwhile back to your community.
  • Many of our volunteers go on to paid employment, or use the experience to support their studies.
  • 22 of the volunteers who facilitate Mindful Mums groups were initially attendees of Wellbeing groups.

Other benefits of volunteering with Mindful Mums:

  • Flexible – all groups are term-time and during the school day. Befriending can be carried out during weekdays at times that suit you.
  • Local – venues are local children’s and family centres, or befriending with mums local to you.
  • Use your own experience to help other mums – peer support is invaluable in helping new mums feel less isolated and more confident. Volunteering is also great for your own mental health and wellbeing.
  • You’ll be invited to attend regular events where volunteers have the opportunity to socialise and input into the project. Two of these events include our annual Mindful Mums picnic in July and Christmas social in December.
“Volunteering for Mindful Mums is a privilege. To help support women at a very vulnerable time, whilst working with other lovely volunteers and the awesome Mindful Mums team, is invigorating.”
"Because of the positive outcomes I gained I knew that I had to help other women in my situation. "

“When I first encountered the Mindful Mums project online, I felt sure that it would have made all the difference to me when I was struggling with postnatal depression some years ago. As a volunteer now, I see every week the value the initiative has. The non-judgemental space it provides women in such a conflicting, difficult and isolating time of their lives is invaluable. Each week I see connections being built, feelings being shared, and women walking away feeling more hopeful. I cannot think of another mum friend who would not have benefited from such a well thought out and inclusive perinatal support group. Personally, I feel certain it would have helped prevent my depression from becoming so acute and destructive.

“Volunteering for Mindful Mums is a privilege. To help support women at a very vulnerable time, whilst working with other lovely volunteers and the awesome Mindful Mums team, is invigorating. It has further convinced me that working in mental health is where I can be most useful and happy.

“The opportunity to help make a difference is motivating and empowering. I will continue to volunteer for Mindful Mums for as long as possible!”

Judith, volunteer facilitator

“I first discovered Mindful Mums via my mental health midwife during my pregnancy in 2017. I started my course in early 2018 and it absolutely saved my life. I was suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety and needed help from people who had been there and understood the issues.

“At the end of my five weeks I had a better understanding of ways and techniques that would help me stay mindful about my anxieties, the knowledge that many of my feelings were very normal and that I was not alone in my feelings. I left my group with a circle of women who were able to provide a support network for each other.

“Because of the positive outcomes I gained, I knew I had to help other women in my situation. I signed up as a volunteer on the project in summer 2018 and since then have participated in three groups, stepped in for another two groups and I am signed up for a further batch of sessions starting late April 2019. It is a pleasure to be able to support these new mothers. With each session I learn something new about myself and new ways to cope with my still ongoing anxieties. The support I receive is also invaluable. The Mindful Mums team are supportive and encouraging and allow facilitators to grow and learn at all times.

“Mindful Mums has been more valuable to me as a mother and a facilitator than I could ever imagine and I look forward to continuing my journey as a volunteer on the project.”

Suri, volunteer facilitator

Find out more

Interested in finding out more about volunteering for Mindful Mums?

Please email mindfulmums@selmind.org.uk.