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MindCare Dementia Training

Our dementia training for organisations and unpaid family carers and friends helps to improve empathy, develop communication skills and understand distress.

We provide full day courses which are mapped to Health care England’s dementia training standards Framework as well as the care certificate.

Standard Courses or Bespoke courses can be purchased by your organisation.

Individual places on full day courses are also available, charges apply.

For family carers and friends we provide a three hour session in the home or other suitable location, charges apply.

We are a Skills for Care endorsed learning provider.

“I have done numerous dementia trainings in my career as a physiotherapist and this is the first and only one which I feel is genuinely person-centred and about the clients rather than being clinical and detached.”
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About the team

The award winning MindCare Dementia Skills team has an extensive understanding of dementia diagnoses, and together have more than 25 years’ experience of supporting and training professionals, carers and family members.

Meet our experts

Dementia Skills training

MindCare Dementia training provides the knowledge and skills to offer the best possible support to people living with dementia.

We currently offer four full-day courses for professionals or those interested in learning more about dementia.

Bespoke training is also available.

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Unpaid Carers group workshops

These workshops are open to family and friends supporting a person living with Dementia. They are available to purchase by organisations wishing to support family carers.

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1:1 Coaching for unpaid carers and friends

Our Coaching service for family and friends supporting a person living with dementia involves a member of the Dementia Skills Team coming to your house or a designated venue to help you understand dementia, put practical systems in place, tailored to the needs of the person you are caring for.

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Our expert dementia skills consultancy will revolutionise the ability of your staff to understand and communicate with people living with dementia, and help to create a dementia-friendly community.

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“The training day was packed full of useful, real-life examples of conversations and scenarios that really deepened my understanding of how to support a person with dementia.”