Suicide First Aid

Suicide First Aid® (SFA) training equips people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to have a caring conversation that could help save a life.

Our SFA courses are developed by the National Centre for Suicide Prevention Education and Training (NCSPET) and quality assured by City & Guilds.

We offer the SFA ‘Lite’ (half day) course and SFU ‘USI’ (full day) course.

Suicide First Aid ‘Lite’ (half day)

The session raises awareness about the ‘ripple effect’ of suicide thoughts and behaviours, the possible causes of suicide thoughts and relationship between intention of suicide behaviours vs outcome.

The course also introduces learners to a 3-Step Suicide Safety Guide to help prevent suicide.

Prices start at £50pp

For more information, please visit SFA: Lite | Suicide First Aid

Suicide First Aid – Understanding Suicide Interventions ‘USI’ (full day)

The session covers the same awareness-raising content as the half day course, but goes into much greater depth on how to implement a 3-Step Suicide Safety Guide.

This allows more time for discussion and application of skills introduced during the course.

Prices start at £100pp

For more information, please visit: SFA: USI | Suicide First Aid

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