Mental Health Half Day Courses

Our comprehensive suite of ready-to-go mental health courses will teach your employees the fundamentals of mental health, and help them manage their own mental wellbeing.

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Mental Health Awareness

This session aims to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing for all as well as dispelling myths and challenging stigma associated with a wide range of mental health problems.

  • What’s covered?
    • Raise awareness of mental health and how it can vary
    • Explore some statistics about mental health
    • Consider the role of stigma and mental health problems
    • Understand the difference between stress and pressure
    • Outline some different mental health problems
    • Provide sources of support and information

Building Resilience

This session aims to highlight the risks of exhaustion and burn-out, clarify what resilience is and how to build it, explore ways to reframe unhelpful thinking habits.

  • What’s covered?
    • Explore what we mean by ‘resilience’
    • Reframe unhelpful thinking patterns in a more resilient way
    • Understand and practice self-compassion for resilience
    • Identify practical ways to manage stress
    • Use the 5 Ways to Wellbeing to build resilience
    • Prioritise rest and relaxation for resilience

Suicide Prevention

This session aims to raise awareness of the prevalence of suicide and the barriers to seeking help, such as stigma, before providing a useful framework to conduct a basic suicide risk assessment. It also focuses on the important skill of non-judgmental listening when supporting someone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings.

  • What’s covered?
    • Understand the prevalence of suicide
    • Recognise the stigma associated with suicide
    • Identify the risk factors for suicide
    • Assess suicide risk and respond accordingly
    • Practice non-judgmental listening
    • Identify support services and self-care ideas

“The course was well planned and very well structured”

“Charlotte was a great instructor and had vast knowledge in the subject matter. She was able to answer questions very well and presented the information and materials in a way which was easy to understand to comprehend. The course was well planned and very well structured, good mix of reading materials, group activities and questions and answer sessions. I feel I have more confidence in mental health now and how to work with people. Big thank you to Charlotte.”

Quo Vadis Trust

“Everything was just spot on”

“Everything was just spot on. I really liked the way it was interactive and everyone had a chance to participate in every part of the training.”

Bromley and Croydon Women’s Aid

“I learnt a lot more than I expected to”

“This was a very beneficial and worthwhile educational course where I learnt a lot more than I expected to and has certainly changed my perception of how to deal with mental health issues. Charlotte was a excellent instructor who kept us all engaged.”

Bromley Borough Food Bank

“The trainer was engaging and positive”

“The trainer was engaging and positive – she created a great energy in the room”

The Connection at St Martin’s

Mental Health First Aid Training

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