Mental Health Awareness Week

Young Onset Dementia and Loneliness

A middle-aged woman looking pensive People living with young onset dementia (dementia diagnosed under the age of 65) face a range of unique challenges that can lead to them, and their families, feeling isolated. These may include their ability to work, drive a car or participate in previously enjoyed hobbies or interests. They may also be raising a young damily, or have elderly parents to care for. These factors, coupled with a lack of understanding from others and the stigma that is often attached to young onset dementia, can make those affected avoid social interaction and so become increasingly isolated.

Being with others in a similar situation can be a hugely important means of support. BLG Mind’s Young Onset Dementia Activists group (YODA) was set up to offer just such a service after the programme’s manager, Saira, noted that people as young as 45 were attending her regular dementia groups.

In our film, Saira offers practical advice on tackling loneliness for anyone affected by young onset dementia, while our YODAs share what the service means to them.

Nationwide support

Although YODA is for residents of Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich only, there are online services you can access for help, support and information, including the Young Dementia Network community and DEEP, a network of people with dementia across the UK.

More information

The MindCare Young Onset Dementia Activists group (YODA) is open to anyone in Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich who has developed dementia before the age of 65, as well as the family or friends who care for them – find out more.