Mental Health Information and Resources

General mental health information

Mind: A-Z of mental health

National Mind’s A-Z of Mental Health provides useful information on different diagnoses, recognised treatments, ways to find support and laws which can affect you: A-Z of mental health.

Mind: About mental health problems

National Mind explains what mental health problems are, what may cause them, and the many different kinds of help, treatment and support available: about mental health problems.

Mind guides

National Mind produces a wide range of literature on mental health, from quick tips and general information to detailed guides and e-booklets, all of which are available to order or download on Mind’s website.

Everyday living


Living with a mental health problem can often have an impact on day-to-day life, making things that others might not think about more difficult. National Mind has put together guides to help you cope with everyday things like money, work, university and more: tips for everyday living.

Supporting someone with a mental health problem


National Mind offers information aimed at helping friends, family, carers and others to give support and take care of themselves too: helping someone else.

Rethink Mental Illness

If you support someone with a mental illness you may face practical, financial and emotional problems from time to time. This page has tips and suggestions to help you support someone.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation has top tips for discussing mental health with someone you feel concerned about: eight tips for talking about mental health.


Online mental health communities

Lewisham SUN Project (London Borough of Lewisham only)

Peer support groups to help adults in Lewisham cope with distressing thoughts, emotions, and other difficulties: Sun Project.

Side by Side Online Community

National Mind’s new online peer support community for people with mental health problems, which replaces Elefriends: Side by Side.

Bipolar UK eCommunity

A supportive online forum for everyone affected by bipolar: Bipolar UK eCommunity

Beat Message Boards

Beat is the UK’s leading charity supporting anyone affected by eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, OSFED or EDNOS, and Pica: Beat message boards.


A community for anyone who is stressed, anxious or feeling low, offering round-the-clock support from trained professionals: Togetherall.

SANE Support Forum

A safe, non-judgemental moderated space, where people can provide peer-to-peer emotional support, help and advice: SANE support forum.


Sudden Bereavement Resource

Thrive London have developed a new resource to support people grieving the sudden death of someone close, or supporting someone going through sudden bereavement, during the COVID-19 pandemic: Sudden Bereavement Resource.

At a Loss

At a Loss provides the UK’s signposting website for the bereaved, with options to filter support to help you quickly get what you need: At a Loss.

Widowed and Young

If you are under 51 and bereaved, Widowed and Young offer peer-to-peer bereavement support and a 24-hour helpline: Widowed and Young.

How to find professional support after a bereavement – feature

Advice on finding a professional counsellor or psychotherapist after a close, personal loss: finding support after a bereavement.

Suicide bereavement support

South East London Suicide Bereavement Service

BLG Mind and partners have launched a new suicide bereavement service to provide emotional and practical support to residents of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark in the aftermath of suicide: South East London Suicide Bereavement Service.

Support After Suicide Partnership

The Support After Suicide Partnership (SASP) brings together suicide bereavement organisations and people with lived experience to achieve a vision that everyone bereaved or affected by suicide is offered timely and appropriate support: SASP.

Facing the Future

Developed by Samaritans and Cruse Bereavement Care, Facing the Future gives those who have been bereaved by suicide the opportunity to meet others who have lost someone to suicide and share their experiences and feelings: Facing the Future.

More support

Find out about the mental health support offered by SEL Mind in your local borough: