Information, Training & Coaching for Carers

We provide friends and families caring  for someone with dementia with the information, support and skills to best care for them. This service (also known as Coping with Caring) is delivered jointly by Bromley MindCare Dementia Support and Carers Bromley. Coping with Caring services are free to carers living in Bromley, subject to assessment and eligibility.

“The information about how dementia affects behaviours will help me to interpret my Mum’s more easily, and information about different approaches to dementia symptoms are something I will try out.”


Coping with Caring provides the following services to dementia carers in the borough of Bromley:

1. Support and Information

For carers on a one-to-one basis, in person or by telephone, we offer:

  • information about dementia tailored support for your needs and interests to assist you in your caring role
  • support to access services in the local community
  • carers groups and mutual support
  • help with planning for the future (wills, advanced directives, planning for long
    term care)
  • emotional support
  • help with understanding and accessing all the support you are legally entitled to as a carer.

2. Coaching

We offer home-based, personalised coaching focusing on your own experiences, challenges and needs as a carer of someone with dementia. We cater for you as an individual or as a whole family group to help you:

  • cope with challenges of caring for someone with dementia
  • care for the changing needs of a person with dementia.

3. Group Workshops

A series of workshops are available, offering information about dementia with a focus on the individual experience of the person with a dementia. This is a chance to meet with and share experiences with other dementia carers in similar caring situations. Carers will learn about:

  • dementia and its signs and symptoms
  • the effect of dementia on the person
  • carers rights as a carer
  • support available in Bromley and how to access it
  • how to look after yourself when caring for someone
  • challenging needs in dementia care.

All options above provide families and friends with a better understanding of dementia, helping them best provide support to the person in their care.

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To Access Support for Dementia Carers

Contact our Dementia Support Advisors today. They will help you find out what support is available to you even if you are not sure what help you may need.


Carers Bromley Carers Helpline 0800 015 7700