Compliments, comments and complaints

How to provide feedback on South East London Mind and MindCare Dementia Support services.

South East London Mind and MindCare Dementia Support welcome all feedback whether it is a compliment, expression of concern or a complaint. All feedback is useful in helping us continually improve and shape the services we provide.

General Comments and Compliments

These are shared between the relevant service, senior management and Trustees. General comments and compliments can be sent directly to our Executive Assistant who will ensure that they reach the right people.


We hope that most complaints can be sorted out quickly and easily, at the time they arise and with the person concerned.

We have a complaints procedure to help us respond effectively to more serious concerns and complaints. It is easy to use, fair and helps us deal with complaints quickly. A member of staff will be able to give you a copy of this policy.

South East London Mind will ensure that concerns and issues raised are properly investigated in an unbiased, non-judgemental, transparent, timely and appropriate manner.

Who can make a Complaint?
Anyone who is dissatisfied with South East London Mind or MindCare Dementia Support Services can make a complaint.

You can make a complaint on behalf of someone else where:

  • you have delegated authority to do so
  • the complainant is a child or is physically or mentally unable to do so themselves
  • the complainant has died or you have written consent

Complaints should be made as soon as possible. You can make a complaint up to 12
months from the date of discovering you had a problem.

Informal Complaints

Where possible, complaints should be informally expressed initially with the person responsible or a more senior member of staff. They will listen to your concerns and address them within 2 weeks. If you are not satisfied with the response, you may make a formal complaint.

Formal Complaints

1. How to Make a Formal Complaint

Please contact the Complaints Manager in writing or by telephone being specific and giving examples. Please explain the reasons for your complaint in as much detail as possible. Also describe any actions you have already taken to try to resolve the matter.

We will be in touch with you within three working days to discuss an action plan for handling the complaint, your expectations and timescale for responding. A manager will investigate the complaint fully. This is likely to involve meeting with you and other people involved. The Manager will reply to you in writing, explaining the outcome of the investigation.

Complainants are welcome to be accompanied by a friend or advocate at all stages of the formal or informal complaints process. All formal complaints are reported to the Board of Trustees.

2. How to Appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the handling of the formal complaint, then you can send an appeal in writing explaining why you are unhappy with the process and/or outcomes. Appeals should be sent to the Director of Services.

The Appeal must be made within 3 months of receiving the response to your formal complaint. An appeal investigator will be appointed to review the complaints handling process and will usually report back to you within 4 weeks.

Please send general compliments and comments to the Communications Team and formal complaints to the Complaints Manager, both at:

South East London Mind
5 Station Road
Tel: 01689 811222

Compliments and comments:
Please mark any postal letters ‘Private and Confidential’ on the envelope.