Manage a Bucket or Tin Collection

Collection buckets and tins are a fantastic way to raise money for Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind in just a few hours, whilst also helping to raise awareness of the services we provide in your local community. Whether you collect at a local event or club, or hit the streets with some friends in fancy dress, you’ll be surprised how quickly the donations roll in.

How to Get Started

Think about where you would like to collect. If you already have an event planned this is a great place to start.

  • If you have a local town or city centre nearby, that is a great place to start but, bear in mind, you may have to ask permission a few months (or even a year for some places!) in advance.
  • If you live near a train or underground station that sees a lot of foot traffic, these can be a goldmine as you can make a fantastic amount just by collecting during peak hours when people are on their way to and from work, and take the time in between off!
  • Is there a sports or music arena near you? Perhaps a racing course? Or could you collect at your local sports club?

Get in Touch for Your Collection Tins and Buckets

It is important that you have secure collection buckets and tins clearly branded with Bromley Lewisham & Greenwich Mind labels. We can provide you with collecting tins and secure labels.

We will ask you to provide the name of the person who is responsible for the tin or bucket, their telephone number and details of where they are collecting and these need to be signed out from our Beckenham office.

All collecting boxes will be numbered consecutively and on collection from our office they will be securely closed and sealed in such a way as to prevent them being opened without the seal being broken.

After the collection, please return the buckets as soon as reasonably possible to our Beckenham office with the seal unbroken. We ensure that two people open the tin or bucket(s) and count the money together before confirming the amount and banking the donations.

Where you have requested a permit, within a month the person to whom a permit has been granted will be required to send the local council/Metropolitan Police these details.

Generally, it is easier and safer to allocate one person per collecting tin or bucket, but if you are working in shifts, at the end of the day, sharing the tin is fine as long as one person is ultimately responsible.

Getting Permission

Collectors in public places (on the street or house-to-house) require permission from the Local Authority/local Council or, within the M25, from the Metropolitan Police.

You will need to send your application in plenty of time, and no less than 30 days before the intended collection.
You may need some of the following information for your application:

Charity Name: Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind
Registered Charity Number: 1082972

If collections are taking place on private land, such as in a shop, office or restaurant, permission needs to be sought from the owner or the individual who is responsible for the premises.

For example, if you are planning to do a collection outside a supermarket, write to the manager or the central office. For collections outside a train station, write to the station/rail network. In addition, if collecting from pub-to-pub, a licence will be required from the Local Authority, in addition to obtaining permission from the pub landlord.

Along with the conditions of the licence from your Local Authority, please also keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • No collector shall be under 16 years of age (unless the collection is in connection with a procession, then 14, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult).
  • If collecting in a public place, remain stationary and stand at least 25 metres apart, but for safety, stay within visual field of each other.

Get in Contact

We always love to hear from anyone kind enough to fundraise for us and are happy to help you with your event or collection or if you have any other questions.

Contact Liz Pepper on 07718 445559 or