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Do your own fundraising

Follow our simple steps and get the resources you need to make your fundraising a success.

Our vital work supporting people with mental health problems and dementia, is needed now more than ever. Your fundraising will help us be there when it matters.

Follow our simple steps for a successful fundraiser

  • 1. Decide how to fundraise for us

    Whether you want to take on a running challenge, hold a bake sale, dive out of a plane or organise a community event, there are many ways to raise funds for us.

    Download out Fundraising tips and ideas  or check out our Virtual Fundraising ideas

    Need some more inspiration? Read about how others have raised money for us.

  • 2. Set up a Fundraising Page

    The easiest way to collect donations for is to set up an online fundraising page before you hold your event, using JustGiving.

    You can personalise your page with a story, images and details of your fundraising which can then be easily shared with everyone. The money you raise is transferred directly to us and if you have ticked Gift Aid that is transferred automatically to us too.

  • 3. Promote Your Fundraising

    Let everyone know about your fundraising to help make it a success. Tell friends and family, advertise it at work, school or on local notice boards in your community and of course, share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tag us @selmindcharity and we’ll share your fundraising stories.

    Don’t forget to take photos on the day and tell everyone about how it went afterwards and we’ll be able to thank you and publicise your amazing efforts.

  • 4. Get Our Fundraising Resources

    To help make your fundraising success we have collection boxes, fundraising guidelines, forms and other resources for you to download or request.

    View our fundraising resources.

  • 5. Get the Money You’ve Raised to us

    If you set up a fundraising page then you don’t need to do anything. It will be transferred to us securely automatically.

    If you or others organised your own collection, there are a number of ways you can get the money you’ve raised to us.

    Pay in your fundraising.

Need some inspiration? See what others haJane Grieves standing on the ground by an airplane in a BLG Mind t-shirtve done to raise money for us.

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Have a fundraising query?

If you need any help or assistance please contact our fundraising team on fundraising@selmind.org.uk or complete the enquiry form below.

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