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Employment Support (IPS)

The IPS Employment Support service is designed to assist people living with mental health problems in Bromley and Greenwich to find work and live independently in the community.

Being in work can help maintain good mental health. It gives us a purpose, promotes independence and can improve the way we feel about ourselves.

Our employment specialists will work with you to help you find and retain a job that is consistent with your preferences, skills, interests and experience.

This service is provided in partnership with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

How we support you

Support is provided through an approach called Individual Placement and Support (IPS). We work with your care coordinators, social workers, psychologists, Mental Health Hub Advisors, and doctors to provide personalised, one-to-one support to:

  • Explore the type of work you want to do
  • Help you write and update your CV, and complete application forms
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Support you to keep your paid employment with Continued in-work support
  • Support your mental health recovery
  • Job Retention Support (Long term absence or at risk of losing your job)

We will also engage with prospective employers on your behalf.

What to expect

Centre for Mental Health IPS Centre of Excellence certificate You will receive regular, one-to-one support from your employment specialist to create a ‘Journey to Work’ plan, tailored to your needs and interests. This is followed by a rapid job search, support throughout the recruitment process and, once in work, time-unlimited, individualised support for both you and your employer.

Who is IPS Employment Support for?

The service is available to adults living in Bromley or Greenwich who are using Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust Community Mental Health services, Mental Health Hub, and in addition, is open to all those who want to and/or are looking to secure paid work or apprenticeship with a view to securing a paid job.

How to access the service

  • Speak to your Mental health Care Co-ordinator, your Psychologist, Therapist, or your Mental Health Hub Adviser to refer you to the IPS Employment Support Service.
  • Complete our Expression of Interests card’ at reception when you visit any of Oxleas, Mental Health Hub or SELMind locations.

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