Gift in Wills FAQs


  • What if I already have a Will, can I amend it?

    Yes, you can. You need to add a codicil, a separate document that is kept with your Will. Your solicitor can let you know how to do this. Do not write anything on your Will itself, as this could invalidate it.

  • I already have a will. Do I need to review it?

    It’s a good idea to review your Will from time to time to make sure it reflects any changes in your family or personal circumstances, like marriage or divorce, the birth of children or grandchildren, or coming into an inheritance. Or you may decide to remember a cause close to your heart, like Bromley, Lewis ham & Greenwich Mind.

    It is also important to check if your estate is affected by inheritance tax as laws around this can change.

  • What’s the best way to remember BLG Mind in my Will?

    The best way to benefit a charity is often with a residuary legacy. Giving in this way means your gift will not decrease in value due to inflation and can therefore make your legacy go further and benefit more people. Your solicitor or Will writer will be able to advise you on the best option for your circumstances and recommended wording to discuss with them is available. You can also request our FREE WILL GUDIE, which also provides you with some recommended wording.

  • Do I need a solicitor?

    We advise you to consult a solicitor whether you are making or changing your Will. If you already have a will, it’s important to keep it updated to reflect any changes in your circumstances. You can find a solicitor in your area at or call 020 7320 5650 (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30).

  • What is I want my gift to go to a specific service or area?

    If you would like your gift to go to a specific service, for example mental health or dementia, you can ask you solicitor to express this as a wish in your will.

  • Can I specify funeral requests in my Will

    Yes, your solicitor can help you specify the type of funeral you wish to have and include any special instructions. For example you may like to ask people to make donation to a charity in lieu of flowers. Find out more about donating in memory.

  • Do you offer a free will Service – content tbc

    Yes we able to offer a limited number of ‘simple’ wills.

  • Should I let BLG Mind know my decision?

    We appreciate that leaving a gift in your Will is very personal and it’s entirely up to you. We understand the content of your Will is a very private matter. However if you could let us know, whatever your decision, we’d be very grateful. It will allow us to communicate with you in the best way, and to say a very big thank you if you have chosen to remember us. Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence, will not be shared with third parties and is not legally binding. You can email us here, email or call Lucy Morrell on 07764 967925

  • How can I contact Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

    If you would like to talk to us about leaving a gift in your Will, or about our work at BLG Mind, please contact our Fundraising and Legacy Manager on 07764 967925 or email