Youth Offending Service (Lambeth)

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The Lambeth Youth Offending Service works with young people that get into trouble with the law. We look into the background of a young person and try to help them stay away from crime.  The Youth Offending Service (YOS) is a multi-agency team which works with young people and families to address factors that lead to offending behaviour.
The service is made up of staff provided by the following partner agencies:

  • Lambeth Council
  • Metropolitan Police
  • National Probation Service
  • NHS
  • and other community agencies.

The Lambeth Youth Offending Service works with young people under 18 years old who have come to the attention of the police and the courts for committing crimes or engaging in anti-social behaviour.
Their aim is to prevent further offending and increase the support, opportunities and welfare of the young people and the families they work with.  This also involves ensuring that the community is a safe place for everyone, and doing specific work to help people who have become victims of crime.
A young person may become involved with us if they are:

  • referred by the police instead of having to go to court
  • charged with an offence and are awaiting trial or sentence
  • charged and convicted of an offence and the court have asked us to provides a report on the young person – this is to help the court decide how to deal with the case to stop the young person getting into trouble again
  • convicted and sentenced – the young person will be given an order by the court that they must obey. This will usually describe those things that are needed to stop them getting into trouble again
  • sent into local authority care or to custody to await trial and sentence
  • ordered to serve a custodial sentence.

They also support:

  • the parents or guardian of a young person in any of the above situations
  • people who are victims of crime by young people.

The main ways that someone may come into contact with this service is if they’re arrested or appear in a court.

Contact Details

020 7926 2644



LYOS, Ivor House, 1 Acre Lane, Brixton, London SW2 5TB

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