The Clinic for Boundaries Studies

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The clinic for Boundary Studies is a centre of practice on all aspects of professional boundaries. The clinic provides specialist support services for the public alongside training and professional development services for practitioners. It is also involved in research and development around professional boundaries and conduct.
Support and Recovery:  The clinic provides support services for people who feel they have been harmed by a professional in a position of trust, for example by a doctor who is sexually abusive. They do not deal with issues such as poor general care or complaints about services.
They value the experience of people who have been harmed by boundary violations, and the experience of practitioners, and believe that we can also learn from those who have themselves transgressed boundaries.
They encourage the inherent strengths of survivors and they acknowledge that the after effects of abuse may take some time to overcome.
They believe in the public right to seek redress when harm has been caused and that participation in accountability processes can be a crucial part of rehabilitation for practitioners.
They believe that some practitioners who have violated boundaries will never be safe enough to work with the public in a professional role; they also believe that some have the capacity to be successfully rehabilitated, alongside their professional accountabilities.
Provides training and undertakes research into professional boundaries and prevention of abuse by health and social care professionals, counsellors, therapists etc.

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020 3468 4194 (answering service)



The Clinic for Boundary Studies 49-51 East Road London N1 6AH

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Office not open to the public.

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Formerly known as POPAN - The Prevention of Professional Abuse Network.

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