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This is an internet resource on mental health law and mental capacity law for England & Wales.   It is primarily for mental health practitioners, to which anyone can contribute.

This website resource on mental health law in England and Wales is compiled and edited by website users. It provides general information and commentary on mental health legislation and case law. It also provides links and information about publications as well as email updates.

The main content of this website has been divided into Case law (2254), Legislation (364) and Resources (855), together with separate Information pages (325) to link everything together.

If you have any document (e.g. case transcript) or information (e.g. whether a case is being appealed) which could usefully be published, then please email

Also please email if you have any ideas for the site. To edit the website pages you must be registered as a contributor: see “How to edit pages” via the website.

Other Info

You can sign up for free email updates, the online forum and the CPD scheme (which provides 12 hours for £60 and is suitable for lawyers and non-lawyers).

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