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Time4Lambeth is a Timebanking outreach project specifically focusing on Lambeth.  They are working to develop and grow Timebanking in Lambeth, through developing a network of hubs, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of Timebanking.  Time4Lambeth has been set up by Paxton Green Timebank.

A time bank is a new and exciting way for people to come together to help others and help themselves at the same time. Participants ‘deposit’ their time in the bank by giving practical help and support to others and are able to ‘withdraw’ their time when they need something done themselves. Time banks measure and value all the different kinds of help and skills we can offer each other. In a time bank, everyone becomes both a giver and a receiver.  Everyone’s time is valued equally: One hour = 1 time credit
Participants can spend their time credits on the skills and support of other participants when they need a helping hand. People help each other out with everything from making phone calls to sharing meals and giving lifts to the shops – anything that brings them together. As such Time Banking has an economic benefit as well as improving well-being and building social networks.

Timebanking has great benefits for people’s health and wellbeing, as it prevents loneliness & isolation and provides people with a strong social network.  Due to this they actively search for partnership opportunities within the health sector, particularly with GPs for the purpose of ‘social prescribing’.

For Individuals:  Time Bank Hubs

Currently time bank hubs are being developed in a number of hubs in the Lambeth area.  These include Herne Hill, Vauxhall and Vassall Road.  Local people are welcome to join any of the Time Bank hubs and members are welcome to attend events and activities run by the other hubs.

For organisations:

They work with any groups and organisations wanting to use the Timebanking model in their work.  They can provide tailored support to achieve this, which can include:

  • Introduction to Timebanking workshops / presentations for all stakeholders
  • Free support to develop a Time Bank project including 1-1 training of staff responsible for the Time Bank, help with events and activities, member registration and introduction to time exchange facilitation
  • Free access to and training and indefinite support with TimebankingUK’s specific Timebanking software ‘Time & Talents’
  • Asset mapping workshops aiming to map skills and assets and elicit what participants might want to offer or receive
  • Membership to a network of local Timebanking practitioners to provide mutual support, information, advice and guidance
  • A flexible, responsive and collaborative approach to develop the Time Bank.
Time4Lambeth is opening a new Studio Space at the Carmelita Centre, 41 Vauxhall Walk,SE11 5JT, available on Mondays for local people to use to develop their own projects or enterprise ideas.  Tea & chat provided 1 – 3pm.

Time4Lambeth Coordinator is Funmi Oloer.

Contact Details

020 8670 0990 or 07789 705 777



Paxton Green Timebank, Kingswood House, Seeley Drive, Kingswood Estate, London SE21 8QR

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