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Self Management UK   – Self management support for people living with long-term health conditions including mental health issues. They used to be called The Expert Patients Programme.  They have over 12 years’ experience working with patients, carers, healthcare professionals, clinicians and commissioners.
They work with patients and carers to help them manage the day to day impact of living with a long-term condition. They provide the tools, skills and support people need to improve their wellbeing. Learning about self management gives people the confidence to manage their health and put them in control of their condition.
They deliver self management courses in local community venues as well as online.  They also have an online patient community and social media sites where you can learn more about what they do and get support from other people living with long-term conditions.  Talk to their team to find out how self management can help you.
The New Beginnings course helps people with mental health issues to develop the confidence to take more control of their lives by looking at subjects such as ‘What is mental health?’ and ‘Reinterpreting our beliefs about mental health’.  Participants learn simple but effective skills to manage issues they may encounter in everyday living, like managing anxiety, being aware of relapses and what triggers them, and putting together a strategy for dealing with these setbacks.  The course is run by trained facilitators who have experience and an understanding of mental health conditions.

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