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Mediation is confidential and voluntary, a process where the people involved can work towards realistic and practical solutions, as easy or as short as people want to make it and a positive way of sorting things out.

Why use mediation?
The aim of mediation is to ease the distress and anger often experienced by people involved in the following situations:

  • Neighbourhood disputes
    Youth crime
    Race, faith and homophobic harassment
    Exclusion and conflict in schools
    Workplace disputes
    Commercial and organisation disputes
    Anti-social behaviour.

Contact Details:

Neighbour or Community Mediation Service:

Call 020 7603 4014 or email

Family Mediation Service: (including Inter-generational matters)

Call freephone 0300 102 3033 or email

Restorative Justice Service:

Call freephone 0300 102 3031 or email

Workplace Mediation Service:

Call freephone 0300 102 3032 or email

Youth Mediation Service:

Call  020 7603 4014 or email

Training Service:

Call 020 7603 4014 or email

Contact Details

020 7603 4014



Calm Mediation 92 Camberwell Road London SE5 0EG

Other Info

Other information:
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