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This is a website service only, see “How to use the site”.  It offers detailed information on psychiatric drugs from a medical perspective, including answers to common questions such as what are they used for, how they work, what side effects there are, if they addictive, if they affect other medication, etc.
The website is aimed at helping you make a decision about a treatment, mainly medication. Nearly all the information you want and need is on the site.
The website has two main strands:

  • Medicines: at least 30 questions and answers on over 150 medicines used in mental health
  • Conditions: at least 14 questions and answers on 21 or so conditions

To find what you want, there are two ways of looking for things:

  •  Conditions: ­  click on the condition you want to look at
  •  Medications: ­ click on the medicine you want to look at

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use the search box.
Use the search box (where it says “Enter keywords”) and type in:

  • a medicine name e.g. fluoxetine, Prozac, diazepam etc or
  • a condition or symptom e.g. depression, anxiety, sleep etc or
  • a “key word” e.g. driving, side effects etc.

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Other information:
Service provided by the Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

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