ManKind Initiative (male victims of domestic violence)

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If you are a victim of domestic abuse, you are not alone, Mankind Initiative is here to help. No matter what your background, age, job, race or sexuality, they are here to give all the support we can.  One in six men will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime: You are not to blame,   You are not weak,   You are not alone.

For many men, calling MI’s confidential helpline is the first step they have made in talking to someone else about the problems they face. Whether it is information or just emotional support, please call  01823 334 244.

 They also welcome calls from mothers, sisters, daughters, brothers, sons, friends, and work colleagues seeking information they know or think is a victim.

The helpline is operated by trained people who can give both emotional and practical support as well as provide information.

Emotional support includes:
• Simply someone to talk to
• Giving you confidence
• Helping you to realise you are not at blame

Information includes:
• How to report incidents
• Planning an escape
• Police procedures
• Housing and refuge support
• Local councils and other local support services
• Legal services (including solicitors who will help)

If they cannot help directly, they can tell you about people and organisations who can.

They do not reply to emails for personal safety reasons, due to the risk that any reply may be intercepted by the perpetrator.  They are a member of the Helplines Partnership.

Contact Details

Helpline 01823 334 244 Office: 01823 334229



Flook House, Belvedere Road , Taunton, Somerset TA1 1BT

Other Info

Opening times:
Weekdays 10am to 4pm

Other information:
Registered charity.

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