Equinox Supported Housing – Aspinden Wood

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A care home for people who have long term problems with alcohol, mental health and homelessness. Equinox staff support service users to minimise harm from alcohol dependence, whilst living in a safe environment.

The centre serves people who have been drinking for many years and have additional problems related to exclusion such as homelessness. Service users can continue to drink when they live at Equinox Aspinden Wood and Equinox will work with them to find ways to reduce the harm caused by their drinking.

Many of the service users have chronic health problems and Equinox is able to provide a complete personal care service to cope with this. Equinox Aspinden Wood is a long term home and people tend to stay here for many years. While here they offer many options to improve their quality of life. This includes assisting them in reconnecting with their families, engaging with the local community, and working with them to give them back their dignity and self-determination.

The service is open to anyone who fits the above criteria, regardless of their area of origin. Service users are usually referred by care managers or other social care professionals.

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0207 237 0331


www.equinoxcare.org.uk/ "services/" aspinden-wood

1 Aspinden Rd, London SE16 2DR

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Contact: Judy Howells (general office)

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